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Jinichi Kawakami : The last ninja

This article was taken from the koga ryu blog site with the author's permission http://kogaryuninjutsuint.blogspot.com/

There seems to a great degree of propaganda that is being spread by certain organizations who shall remain nameless. This propaganda campaign started over two years ago when emails were sent out thru certain organizations denouncing Jinichi Kawakami's legitimacy. This campaign is still being waged using misinformation. It is eveident that there are those within these organizations that do not want the truth to come out. The following are the facts about Jinichi Kawakami.

Kawakami Sensei's lineage is recognized by the governments of Mie (Iga) and Shiga (Koka) prefectures as well as the Iga Ninja Museum.
The Mie and Shiga prefectures are where the old Iga and Koga areas are located. All of these entities refer to Jinichi Kawakami as the last real practitioner of ninjutsu.

The Iga Ninja Museum is registered under law as a certified museum by the Mie Prefectural Committee Board of Education. It is the only museum in the world of its kind, the only public ninja museum in Japan that is backed by the government.

The Iga-Ryu Ninja museum's purpose is to study and preserve ancient Japanese documents related to Ninjutsu. Part of the museum is for tourism like an entertainment park complete with shows designed to entertain and attract tourists but the other part is actually a real museum. They have many ancient documents related to authentic Ninjutsu. Again, they state that Jinichi Kawakami is the last inheritor of historically authentic Ninjutsu.


They also state he is called the "Last living modern Ninja":


Banke Shinobinoden (affiliated with Jinichi Kawakami) state that they are the last practitioners of historically authentic Ninjutsu left in the world:
(follow the English link)

The Book on Banke Shinobinoden's website also confirms this:

On the same webpage it shows a link for the government of Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The link shows Banke Shinobinoden doing a seminar for Shiga Prefecture.

There is a troupe of performers at the museum who demonstrate techniques in a show at the museum. (It is a show that is performed by actors for entertainment purposes to attract tourists.) While there are a few techniques used in the show that are authentic it is mostly for entertainment. The troupe is in no way connected to Banke Shinobinoden or Jinichi Kawakami. Banke Shinobinoden is a completely different entity that is connected to the academic and historical side of the museum.
Koga/Koka is not dead as some would have you believe. The Banke Shinobinoden is well-documented in Japan.

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